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Dead Good Business Ideas

Welcome to DGBI - Business Consultancy & Investment Readiness

About Us - Business Consultants in Norwich

Why all the zombies?

There are so many out there...not real ones, but those that go through their life not exploring the possibilities and realising their dreams.  We look to help people out of that state.


By bringing over 20 years experience of Sales, Marketing, Operations and Strategy to bear.

I love helping small tech/digital businesses and startups grow through mentoring, advice on business strategy and investment.

Why me?

Why not?

We have contacts throughout the world of marketing, investment, software development and business advice.

We've helped businesses grow their subscriber base from 30,000 to 130,000 in a year, raised investment of over £250,000 for startups and established businesses and pivoted business models for the better.

Kris the MD is also CEO of the only Startup Accelerator in Norwich.

We are all about helping your business become explosively scalable in Norwich and beyond.

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